Get A Great Phone On The Best Network Without Breaking The Bank

Purchasing a new smartphone doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are three tips for finding the best budget phone.

When you’re in the market for a new smartphone, there’s a lot to keep in mind. From a large touchscreen display to sharp camera quality, it may seem difficult to find a budget phone with the elements you want at the price you need. But at Total Wireless, we have your back. If you’re browsing on a budget, follow these three helpful tips for finding the best budget phone for you.

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1. Prioritize features.

Listing the phone features you want can help you narrow down the smartphones available within your budget.

Finding a budget-friendly device that also fits into your lifestyle starts with prioritizing the elements you want in the phone. This could be as simple as the ability to make phone calls and send text messages, or as complex as voice-activated technology and a HD screen. You might even want a phone with a ton of storage space, a great battery life, and a wide-angle lens for taking photos.

Listing the phone features you want can help you narrow down the smartphones that are available within your budget. After deciding on the smartphone capabilities you desire most, browse our wide selection of iOS and Android devices at Total Wireless. We offer a variety of phones boasting the features you’re looking for – right within your budget.

2. Be realistic.

Before purchasing a new device, it’s also important to consider just how often you use your smartphone. Are you connected to your device throughout the day? Or, do you only use it to make phone calls to friends and family when you’re on the go? Understanding how often you’ll use the new phone can help you stick to your budget. Splurging on the latest and greatest smartphone isn’t exactly a finically conscious decision when you won’t even use it to its full potential.

3. Choose budget-friendly plans.

In addition to paying for a new smartphone, you should also consider finding a carrier payment plan that fits your budget. Luckily at Total Wireless, we provide a host of convenient payment options for you to choose from. And with no contracts, you can change your service plan at a moment’s notice to accommodate your budget.

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Discovering your new budget phone is easy with Total Wireless. Select from a variety of devices from top brands, like Apple and Samsung, at our low, affordable phone prices. Whether you decide to pay for the phone upfront, or split the payments up over several months, how you pay for your new device is in your hands. Shop our selection today to find the budget-friendly device you’re looking for.