Introducing The iPhone Xs: Exploring Apple’s Cutting-Edge Flagship

Not sure if Apple’s iPhone Xs is the right fit for you? Total Wireless can help you decide.

Known for pioneering the smartphone, Apple has a passionate international following. That’s for good reason – their phones are easy to use, dependable, and designed to offer something for nearly every type of user.

But while Apple’s latest flagship – the iPhone XS – is sure to delight tech lovers, it may not be a go-to device for everyone. If you're curious about whether this phone is right for you, we have the details to help you decide.

iPhone Xs product

What’s new?

It may not look all that different, but the iPhone Xs offers several unique upgrades.

The iPhone Xs is an evolution of the recently released iPhone X. And while it may not look all that different, the iPhone Xs offers several unique upgrades.

The A12 Bionic chipset that powers the iPhone Xs is perhaps the most notable improvement over the iPhone X. Apple’s chips have always kept the brand at the top of the pack, and the A12 Bionic chipset is no exception. It performs faster and more efficiently than the A11 Bionic chip found in the iPhone X.

Accompanying this increase in performance are updated modems. Cell phone modems aren’t often used as a selling point, but they’re an important feature – and those found in the iPhone Xs are designed to deliver faster LTE connectivity than many competing devices.

The final major upgrade can be found in the phone’s camera. An updated image signal processor offers better all-around performance, while a larger sensor helps capture better photos in low light. But the real centerpiece is Smart HDR, an innovative technology that lets users take photos that maintain crystal-clear details in both the dark and light areas of the photograph – a capability that most smartphones have struggled to achieve.

Why buy?

If you already own an iPhone X, purchasing an iPhone Xs may not be the right move. Likewise, if you’re shopping on a tight budget, you can find plenty of high-quality smartphones available at significantly lower prices.

But if you’re looking for an upgrade that will deliver many of the best features available on the market, most experts agree that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the iPhone Xs. It blends all of the features that made the iPhone X unique, including its all-screen display and Face ID security function, with a host of new features for a fresh mobile experience. Plus, it offers the advantages of the iOS operating system, which has earned plenty of fans thanks to its ease of use.

Ready to make your choice?

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