Here Are 6 Specs To Consider When Shopping For A New Phone

When making the move to Total Wireless, don’t make that final smartphone choice without considering which specs mean the most to you.

Quick answer: Specs worth considering while shopping for a new smartphone include operating system, display size and quality, storage, camera, battery life, and processor.

The cell phone industry has come a long way since its early days. While text messaging was once considered a mind-blowing innovation, modern smartphones feature a host of advanced capabilities that have redefined the mobile experience. But this has also made it that much tougher to determine which phone best meets your needs.

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Think you’re ready to upgrade your device? Here are a few specs you’ll want to keep in mind while you shop. Once you’ve narrowed in on a phone, don’t forget to browse our no-contract wireless plans available on the nation’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE network.

Operating system

The two most commonly available mobile operating systems offer a unique user experience.

Your phone’s operating system determines everything from how its interface looks to the selection of apps you’ll be able to download. But what you’ll really want to note is that the two most commonly available mobile operating systems – Android and iOS – offer a unique user experience. Apple is known for its ease of use, which makes it a great choice for beginner owners and casual users. Android offers more customizability – that makes it perfect for tech enthusiasts.


Most of today’s flagship smartphones are huge. This is good news for users who love to watch their favorite TV series or play video games on the fly, but there are just as many users who simply use their smartphones to shoot text messages and check up on social media. If you’re a casual user, you can probably settle for a smaller screen, while media fanatics should opt for something larger.

Beyond size, however, it’s also important to consider quality. Many of today’s most notable devices offer innovative display technology that creates a more vivid, detailed picture than you’ll see on lower-tier phones. Just remember that this increase in quality usually translates to an increase in price.


Thanks to cloud storage, device storage matters less than ever before – but it still matters. Before shopping, consider how you use your phone. Do you prefer to have a wide variety of apps installed at once, or do you stick with a few go-to social media apps and download a game here or there when you see fit? Plus, think about how often you use your camera. If you’re always taking photos and videos, you might want more storage – even if you regularly back up your content to a cloud storage service.


A smartphone’s camera is often one of its premier selling points. While it might feel natural to think about a camera’s megapixel spec, you should instead consider the image technology the phone offers. Megapixels now matter much less than advanced features, like dual-lens cameras and optical image stabilization, which can make all the difference when snapping pictures or shooting videos.

Battery life

For some, battery life is just as important as a phone’s camera. This makes it essential to look into the type of battery used by the devices you’re considering. Typically, a higher mAh rating means the battery will last longer. Also, look out for advanced battery technology, such as fast-charging capability.


One last spec that’s always worth thinking about is your phone’s processor. The good news? Nearly every modern smartphone has a processor that makes for quick, pleasant performance. But if you’re the type who prefers to play complex games or use augmented reality, something like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Apple’s A12 Bionic will probably help.

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